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Two Light Infantry Arm-badges for Qualified Anti-tank and Mortar Personnel.

Machine-embroidered in dark-green on maize as worn by The Light Infantry (1968-2007). A slightly larger version of these badges was also produced.

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Army Officer's Peak / Visor for a Field-officer Grade No.1 Dress-cap.

Unused patent-leather visor with hand-embroidered silver-braid trim. This was intended for a Light Infantry major's cap but would be suitable for many other regiments too. Excellent condition. The silver wire has darkened slightly with age.

Code: 51806

15.00 GBP

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Poland : Medallion Commemorating the 45th Anniversary of the Polish People's Army.

Large (70mm dia) antique-silver finished medallion commemorating the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Polish People's Army in 1943. The obverse shows Polish soldiers on parade and "45 Rocznica Ludowego Wojska Polskiego 1943 - 1988" (45th Anniversary of the Polish people's Army 1943 - 1988). The reverse shows a scene from the October 1943 Battle of Lenino when a Polish division, together with Soviet forces, crossed the River Dnieper on their way into Poland, driving the Germans out. The bottom of the reverse bears "Lenino 12-13.X.1943"
The Medal is contained in its original fitted plastic folder. Mint condition. This medallion was also produced in bronze.

Code: 51805

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Holland : Medallion Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland in WW2.

Antique-silver finish 40mm dia medallion in its original plastic flock-lined fitted presentation case commemorating "50 jaar bevrijding Nederland 1945-1995". The reverse is plain with the simple inscription "Breukelen, 4 en 5 Mei 1995". Breukelen is a small town near Utrecht.
Mint condition.

Code: 51804

25.00 GBP

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British Army White Plastic Dress-belt with Brass Queen's crown Buckle.

Slade Wallace-pattern white plastic belt with brass two-part buckle with 'Dieu et mon Droit' motto and Queen's crown & lion centre. Adjustable length complete with sword-slings, etc. Very good condition....

Code: 51803

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France (Vichy) : Breast-badge of the Chantiers de la Jeunesse Francaise (CJF).

Machine-woven multi-coloured badge (75mm x 65mm) still stitched to a patch of the original uniform cloth.
The CJF was formed from conscripted young men who had not completed military training and were therefore non-combatants when France surrendered in 1940. They were retained as a labour force under the collaborationist Vichy regime until 1944..
The back of the cloth shows two small moth holes but the badge is untouched and remains in excellent condition.

Code: 51802


Austria : Imperial 1898 Kaiser Franz Joseph I Fifty-year Jubilee Medal.

Bronze 33mm dia medal mounted on its original triangular red ribbon. Instituted in 1898 to commemorate the Kaiser's golden jubilee and awarded to all military and gendarmerie personnel who served during the Kaiser's reign. ( A gold version was awarded to those with fifty years service in).
Near mint condition..

Code: 51801

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Austria : Imperial 1908 Kaiser Franz Joseph I Sixty-year Jubilee Cross (on the ribbon for civil-servants).

Gilded bronze cross awarded to those with a minimum of ten years service in the armed forces or civil-service.to commemorate the diamond jubilee (1848-1908) of Emperor Franz Joseph. The cross is on the plain red ribbon as awarded to civil-servants. The military ribbon was white with two red stripes whilst the cross for courtiers was red with two white stripes.
Excellent condition.

Code: 51800

25.00 GBP

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Austria : WW1 Imperial Karl-Truppenkreuz complete with Triangular Ribbon.

Silvered zinc cross complete with red & white triangular ribbon. This cross was awarded between 1916 to 1922 to all those who had completed a minimum of twelve weeks combat service.
Very good condition with traces of the original silvering still visible.

Code: 51799

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BRD : German Bundesmarine Belt-buckle.

Large gilt metal one-piece buckle complete with leather tab. The The reverse side-edge is stamped with the 'A' logo of F.W. Assmann & Söhne of Lüdenscheid. Excellent condition.

Code: 51798

30.00 GBP

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