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COPY : Third Reich - Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM) BEVo Breast Badge for the Rank of Gruppenführerin.

High-quality silver-wire BEVo spreadwing eagle with a black swastika on its breast, all on a white shield for use on the white summer uniform. This was the post-1943 badge for a BDM Gruppenführerin. 'Ges.Gesch' is woven in to the backing. Such badges were normally hand-embroidered in silver-wire.
These BEVo badges are often sold as original.

Code: 51535

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Third Reich : "Die Front im Osten" Wall Map published in 1941 by the newspaper Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Large coloured map measuring 86cm x 58cm when open, 43cm x 29cm when folded. Published on 23rd June 1941. It has obviously been pinned up on a wall and has several pinholes at the corners and a few tears and small nicks in the edges. When folded, it must have been used as a desk pad as it has a number of doodles on part of the plain reverse. Despite all of that it is in reasonably good condition. Published at a time of great German optimism.

Code: 51534

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WW2 Daily Mail "World War Atlas".

Card-back 32-page full-colour detailed world atlas, 29cm x 23cm published around 1942 showing who owned or occupied what at the time..
Excellent condition.

Code: 51533

20.00 GBP

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Group of Four Single Metal Army Collar Badges.

Brass and bi-metal collar badges, all with lugs and split-pin fixings on the reverse.
a) Durham Light Infantry King's crown. - White metal
b) Royal Artillery brass grenade with back-plate.
c) North Staffordshire Regiment - Bi-metal
d) North Staffordshire Regiment - Brass
all in excellent condition.

Code: 51532

16.00 GBP

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Group of Seven Single Metal Shoulder-titles.

Shoulder titles all with reverse fixings and back-plates as appropriate.
a) Royal Engineers 'R.E' - large brass
b) Royal Engineers 'R.E' = small brass
c) Royal Corps of Signals 'R.Signals' brass.
d) Prince of Wales Volunteers 'P.W.V.' brass
e) Army Cadet Force officer's 'A.C.F.' bronze
f) Light Infantry Staybrite
g) 6 Div St John's Ambulance Brigade '6 SJAB' white metal.

Code: 51531

12.00 GBP

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Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME) Staybrite Queen's crown Cap & Collar Badge.

Queen's crown cap badge with slider fixing on the reverse stamped 'London badge & Button Co Ltd.'
Collar badge complete with lug and split-pin fixing with back-plate. Excellent condition.

Code: 51530

8.00 GBP

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Third Reich : Black Leather Frog for a Mauser Bayonet.

Standard black leather frog with all stitching and rivets firm and leather supple. Overall nice condition. The reverse has an impressed RB number.

Code: 51529


Third Reich : 1939 Wound Badge in Black (Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz).

All black finish is intact. Neither pin nor badge are magnetic. Pin and hook fixings all present. No makers' mark.

Code: 51528

35.00 GBP

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Volunteer Officer's Decoration (VR) in Presentation Case.

Victorian Volunteer Decoration (VD) in solid silver and silver-gilt complete with ribbon and pinback floriated suspension-bar. The reverse is plain apart from the London hallmark for 1892. The award has its original Garrards black leatherette case with plush purple fitted base.
Excellent near mint condition.

Code: 51527

180.00 GBP

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Royal Mint Presentation Case for an Elizabeth II Efficiency Decoration.

Black fitted Royal Mint case with spring-closure to accommodate an Efficieny Decoration.
Excellent condition. Two available; price each.

Code: 51526

15.00 GBP

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