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Two Army Regimental Variations of the Parachute Wings.

Two differently coloured Para wings :-
a). Green on maize (The Light Infantry).
b). Green on black (Royal Irish Regiment).
Un-issued condition.

Code: 52136

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The Suffolk Regiment Other-ranks' Victorian Issue Cap-badge.

Bi-metal cap-badge featuring the pre-1900 pattern two tower castle with Victorian crown complete with original dark-toned lugs and split-pin fixing on the reverse. Very good condition.

Code: 52135

45.00 GBP

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British Army "Berlin" Shoulder-flash.

Machine-woven in red on black showing a circle (representing the communist encirclement of Berlin) with the city name above. Final production type of the second-pattern introduced in 1952 and worn by British troops stationed in Berlin. Cut from roll.

Code: 52134


WW2 Printed Cloth Airborne Forces Pegasus Formation Sign.

Bellerophon riding Pegasus facing left. Removed from uniform and in very good condition. Worn by 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions.

Code: 52133

55.00 GBP

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WW1 "On War Service 1914" Munition Worker's Lapel-badge

A nice First World War official war workers gilded-brass lapel-badge, 25mm diameter, with blue enamel. The reverse bears the maker's details "J.A.Restall, Birmingham" and is complete with buttonhole fitting which is stamped with the low serial number '60'. Very good condition.

Code: 52132

20.00 GBP

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Third Reich : Kriegsmarine (Navy) Gilt-aluminium Cap-eagle.

Gilded aluminium eagle & swastika national emblem cap-badge 50mm wide with stickpin fixing.. The reverse is stamped "J.F.S 40" indicating manufacture by Josef Feix Söhne in 1940. All gilding remains.

Code: 52131


Third Reich : Reichsparteitag 1934 Souvenir Booklet of pull-out Photos of Nürnberg.

Rare early souvenir from the 1934 Nürnberg rally consisting of a red stiff-backed booklet containing twelve pull-out photos of the city. Inside the front cover is a portrait of 'Unser Führer' Hitler together with details of the artist and how to obtain copies. Very good condition. Rare.

Code: 52130


Third Reich : Reichsparteitag 1938 partially used booklet of Meal-vouchers for Political-leaders from Gau München-Oberbayerm.

Small orange card booklet for the 1938 Nürnberg Rally, 11cms x 7.5cms entitled "Reichsparteitag 1938. Verpflegungskarte der Politischen Leiter des Traditionsgaues München-Oberbayern". Both front and back covers have a NSDAP stamp from Kreisleitung Traunstein. Inside, in addition to a page of instructions there remains vouchers for three meals. A very rare rally memento.

Code: 52129

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Third Reich : "Der Ahnenpass"

Grey hardback book entitled "Der Ahnenpass", 20.5cms x 13.5cms with 48 pages on which to record your ancestry proving non-jewish / Aryan descent. This one is for someone from Hamburg and has six pages of penciled entries. Pages 41-48 cover racial requirements and advice on completing the book.

Code: 52128


Third Reich : "Sport-Tagebuch der deutschen Jugend" made out to a member of the BDM.

Grey card-covered booklet 11cms x 13cms issued by the Reichsjugenführung with 16 pages to record sport and other BDM activities between the ages of 10 and 18. The front cover has the HJ badge and title whilst inside the cover is made out to Maria Obinger, born in 1921 and joined the BDM in July 1936. The activity pages are not filled in. Very good condition

Code: 52127

35.00 GBP

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